EMKA fittings program for the Building Industry

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EMKA are pleased to announce availability of their handles, hinges, spring latches, wing knobs, locks, door bolts, hinges and window locks, for the booming construction industry to install on windows and doors, meeting even the highest demands of the most challenging buildings or the more common requirements of residential projects.

Because building hardware such as bolts and hinges, toggle latches, box handles or cylinder locks are elementary components of numerous trades in the building industry EMKA now has a focus on these items, offering products for various plastic, wood and metal applications - from simple bolts for locking garden gates or crates, cylinder locks for letterboxes, or lockers to complex locking mechanisms for the interior of windows and doors.

A well-known example is London's "The Shard" which is the tallest glass building in Europe and impressive proof of flexibility and technical competence. With over 5,000 window fittings for the Shard, the EMKA Group proved to have the right product for every application and the capacity to deliver large numbers of sophisticated fittings on a just-in-time-and-place schedule.

Find out more about the EMKA fittings program for the Building Industry. Follow them on twitter - http://twitter.com/emkauk.

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